One of the largest Public Sector bodies engaged over a 2 year period with Purcon, to design and implement a key long term Procurement recruitment strategy to deliver a successful ‘fast-track’ programme for the placement of 16 key roles, four of which were at Director-level.

After a rigorous process of Supplier Selection, the two parties worked closely together to formulate a programme that would guarantee Board-level sponsorship from the outset and develop a comprehensive Recruitment Strategy including completely new role profiles developed with full job descriptions agreed with HR and benchmarked against best in breed in the marketplace via Purcon.

During this period HR (both central and local) were engaged from the outset: Purcon’s role was instrumental in managing and monitoring future salary and package expectations utilising the extensive data Purcon holds on marketplace remuneration.

Purcon designed an extensive, specially developed campaign which incorporated tailored advertising, branded information packs, and a dedicated website which was updated and used for corresponding future campaigns. The talent bank that ensued was utilised for a long period following the project.

The initial campaign was very successful: over 300 applicants expressed an interest prior to engaging in Purcon’s search process and following intensive objective selection (including all internal candidates within the organisation) Purcon assembled the final shortlist for client involvement. Subsequently, Purcon achieved 100% success rate on all levels of requirement including Director-level roles.

The campaign significantly raised the profile of the Public Sector body both within the sector itself and also in the wider commercial private sector marketplace.