Our process is flexible, individual and bespoke in that we vary our steps and style to match the needs of every client.

Purcon will always prioritise key clients and will be honest about our practices and any challenges you may face during the hiring process. We work with our clients to set realistic expectations on delivery and don’t stop until your new hire walks through the door. Once a hire is made, we always follow up with clients and candidates, which is why so much of our work is gained through referral and repeat business. We treat clients as we expect them to treat us, with respect and a collaborative mentality. Our process is thorough and adaptable, with over 80% of people we placed remaining in the business and gaining promotions.

The client marketplace is changing, competition for talent is high and skilled candidates that can adapt to today’s climate are rare. Therefore, candidate experience is critical to making the right hire for your business. Their onboarding essentially starts as soon as we present you with their CV. The below graphic demonstrates our candidate experience process from start to finish;