Consumer Products

Today, access to talent within the FMCG market could not be more critical to the success of any forward thinking consumer led business. We live at a time where challenging economic conditions, visible price variance and increasingly complex supply chains continues to place pressure on both retailers and manufacturers alike. Technology enables consumers to make more informed decisions raising the level of competitivity even further. To meet this, an agile and experienced partner is essential to support your aspirations.



At Purcon, we understand the dynamic nature of life science and biotech recruitment. The Life sciences sector (incorporating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics) is subject to external factors; government regulation, changing ethical perspectives and highly regulated markets. We understand complexity in a highly competitive global marketplace.


Retail & Hospitality

Businesses need agile, quick-thinking and highly experienced individuals to drive growth and safeguard margins. Finding and attracting exceptional candidates can immediately make a difference to your business. Our vast experience in the Retail and Hospitality markets relies on speed to market, access to hidden talent and a unique approach for attraction. Working with major businesses in this area for over 40 years gives us an edge that will support your demands.



Manufacturing has evolved dramatically over the course of the last two decades. Having said that, maintaining physical plants remains entirely relevant.

Globalisation and the changes to worldwide economies means that manufacturing is far less the work of a single cloth and far more of an integrated global tapestry. Recent upheavals in the global economic structure have added to the challenges and complexities that we face, especially when looking at talent to secure our manufacturing future. To increase competitiveness and drive down costs, companies have also turned to continuous improvement efforts such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. They have expanded their supply chains from a regional to a global platform.