Candidate Assessment

Purcon offer a range of candidate assessment services which can add significant value to the recruitment process. Research has put the average costs of potential recruitment errors in the range of £50,000 to £250,000 with some cases even higher, dependent on the seniority of the role, and the extent of influence in the job.

It is therefore of little surprise that extensive research has been undertaken into the field of predicting future job performance, and that findings have shown that taking a more comprehensive approach which combines a range of assessment methods can considerably assist in reducing the risk of making the wrong appointment.

Purcon have the in-house experience and expertise to be able to offer an extensive screening service for all of candidates, from basic eligibility, qualification, reference and security clearance checks, to full skills assessment and competency profiling in order to ensure suitability and to identify the skills required for effectiveness in a job role.

Prior to registration with Purcon and submission of candidate details to a client, all candidates are invited for a general interview with an experienced Consultant, during which candidates are assessed and screened for specific roles using, amongst others, the following general categories: -

  • Technical competencies
  • Behavioural competencies
  • Qualifications

In addition to this, Purcon have worked to develop more comprehensive means of profiling, interview and assessment which drives objectivity and professionalism throughout the recruitment process: -

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