Compensation & Benefits Consulting

Increasing global competition is placing extreme pressures on organisations to achieve and sustain optimal performance, and rising customer and shareholder expectations are increasingly resulting in business strategies focusing far more on customer retention, innovation and operational excellence.

Clearly, reward strategies have a key role to play in ensuring executive compensation is a performance-driven tool for increasing shareholder and economic value and Pay and Reward remains a crucial determinant in organisations' abilities to attract, retain and motivate talented people.

In addition to the core recruitment services offered by Purcon, we also provide additional complementary services to support clients. Our experts in our Compensation and Benefits Practice can support needs in this area, either with specifically designed compensation & reward studies, or through the provision of our 'off-the-shelf' Procurement and Supply Chain Salary Surveys.

To request further information on our compensation and benefits consultancy services or to request a copy of the latest Purcon Salary Study, click here

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