Contingency & Volume Recruitment

The reputation and positioning of a Procurement or Supply Chain function within an organisation is created or lost by the quality of its people. At Purcon, we recognise that our clients need people who are commercially astute, 'confidence inspiring' business professionals first and functional experts second. Our focus is to support you in identifying and developing this talent, to find the leadership of tomorrow.

We also understand that each requirement is unique, with different pressures and business drivers to those who operate in your competitive market. No single solution will ever meet the needs of the diverse range of clients we work with, and so we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of the individual client.

It is this added value that we provide in developing individual creative and tailored solutions to meet specific needs that makes us a market leader in our field.

Purcon has the most extensive network of contacts across the field of purchasing and supply chain management. Our consultants specialise in vertical markets and support clients either for single recruitment needs, or campaigns to resource whole teams. The teams utilise the breadth of talent identification tools available including creating advertising solutions, web recruitment and our own unique resource, the Purcon network.

Developed over 30 years through extensive identification and attraction of key people within the profession, our network is our unique resource base to support clients who seek to quickly identify the prospective talent pool of candidates across all levels of procurement or supply chain roles. At any one time approximately one quarter of our Network may be actively job-hunting, with a further quarter potentially 'open' to considering a career move.

By using our contingency search service, our clients are able to contact this wide audience of prospective candidates to identify suitable professionals, without the need for upfront advertising or search fees. We maintain consistent and regular communication with our active and passive candidates to ensure they are not only available but would be interested in taking the role should it be offered. This provides us with the ability to offer a swift resolution for our clients and guarantees that those people we recognise as being suitable are able to deliver on their potential.

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