Data Security

Purcon is committed to safeguarding the privacy of both candidates and clients, whilst providing the highest possible quality of service. Purcon respects the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal and commercial information provided by or on behalf of potential candidates, our clients recruiting such candidates, and outside parties who assist us in our search by providing references and other pertinent information.

Data is considered a primary asset and as such must be protected in a manner commensurate to its value. Data security is necessary in today's environment because data processing represents a concentration of valuable assets in the form of information, equipment, and personnel. Security and privacy must focus on controlling unauthorised access to and use of data. Security compromises or privacy violations could jeopardise our ability to provide service; lose revenue through fraud or destruction of proprietary or confidential data; violate business contracts, client and candidate privacy; or reduce credibility and reputation.

  • Data content
  • Data classification
  • Data ownership
  • Data security

The main objective of our data policy is to ensure that data is protected in all of its forms, on all media, during all phases of its life cycle, from unauthorised or inappropriate access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction. This applies to all Purcon, as well as all client and candidate data assets that exist in any of our processing environments. The processing environment is considered to be, collectively, all applications, systems, and networks that we own or operate or that are operated by our employees.



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