The Purcon Profiler

Purcon has developed its own profiling tool, the Purcon Profiler™ which breaks down the elements of sourcing and category management into well defined criteria and, if required, any selection activity undertaken by consultants can incorporate the successful use of this tool. This ensures not only objective selection, but also that appropriate evidence is collected in each area by means of candidate examples to ensure we know the candidate has the right skills and capability to do the job.

We have worked closely with Chief Procurement Officers and Heads of Supply Chain, cross-sector, throughout 18 months in the development of the Profiler™ tool. The result, the Purcon Profiler™, is a product which drives objectivity and professionalism throughout the process of competency based interviewing and assessment, thereby reducing the risk of poor decision-making.

Profiler™ is split into 20 key competency groups, across the breadth of 'Technical Competencies' and 'Management Competencies'.

Competency Questions

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